A Better Future For America

Many Americans

feel that our beloved country is not heading for a bright future. Our jobs are being shipped overseas, our paychecks aren't keeping up with the cost of living, millions of Americans can't afford health care, corporations are controlling our democracy, and young people are taking on crushing debt just to get an education. Paul is fighting for a better future where every American can prosper and have a stake in our democracy. Paul is committed to:

Jobs To Rebuild America

A strong democracy and a strong economy have allowed generations of people to live out their American Dreams. We have a responsibility to keep the American Dream alive for generations to come. Billionaires and corporations are seeing record profits because Americans are working longer and harder than ever before. But our wages are not keeping up with the cost of living. 

Workers create the profit for the company and it's owners. Therefore workers deserve our fair share of those profits. Organizing into labor unions puts workers on an even negotiating field with the executives. Paul supports and encourages every worker to unionize. In Congress, Paul will crack down on executives who take advantage of their workers and customers.

Many elements of American manufacturing have left our country. These products are cheap enough to be made in America. But corporations are willing to fire their American workers just to hire cheap overseas labor for the sake of more profit. Paul is fighting to help workers organize into worker cooperatives (Co-Ops). This system makes the workers into co-owners of the corporations they work for. This cuts out the executives and allows workers to have their fair share of the profits. Worker Co-Ops have been in existence for hundreds of years.

Any job that is worth doing is worth paying a living wage. No person should be working full time, and still not be making enough money to have a good quality of life. Paul is fighting for a minimum wage that is tied to inflation, so it will always be a living wage.

American infrastructure is crumbling. 56,000 bridges were rated as structurally deficient and at risk of collapse. This includes the Verrazano Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge. Paul is fighting for an infrastructure task force funded by a $1.5 Trillion infrastructure investment. That investment will put millions of Americans back to work, be a huge stimulus for America's working class, and bring America's infrastructure into the 21st century. 

Health Care As A Human Right

In our country today, millions of Americans will be denied access to a doctor, to medication, and to life saving treatment. All because they can not afford to pay. America is the richest nation on earth. Paul believes that the richest nation on earth can ensure that every one of its citizens has the ability to see a doctor and get the treatment they need, when they need it. Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Israel, Japan and many other modern countries all guarantee healthcare for their citizens. 

In America we pride ourselves on freedom and liberty. You can not have true freedom or liberty, without the freedom to see a doctor when you are sick, and the liberty to get the treatment that will make you better. Paul is fighting to pass Medicare For All. This will guarantee your right to see a doctor. And guarantee your freedom to get the treatment that you need, when you need it.

Quality Public Education


America's founding fathers believed that an educated public is necessary to the functioning of a democracy. They also knew that an educated public enables a vibrant economy. That's why we've established the public school system that we have today. America's public school system has allowed us to rise to be the most prosperous country the world has ever known. But public schools are under attack. 

Corporations and billionaires are trying to privatize our public schools, just to make a quick buck off the education of our children. They establish charter schools in an attempt to draw public investment away from public schools, and into the pockets of the owners of the charter school. Sometimes charter schools will even try to use the physical space of public schools. Denying public school students the use of some of their own school's vital facilities. Charter schools are often non-union and pay their teachers a fraction of what public school teachers get paid. Paul believes that charter schools are wrong for America.

We also need to radically change teaching in America. Any parent can tell you that no two children are the same.  That means we shouldn't be teaching every student the same. Studies have shown that all of us have different styles of learning. We need to place more trust in our teachers. Teachers know their students, and know how to relate the material. But they can only do that if their classrooms have the resources to succeed. We should stop forcing teachers to teach to the test and allow them to individualize the education for each student.


Every human being deserves an education that will allow that person to live with a good quality of life, and seek fulfillment in their lives. In today's modern economy, higher education is necessary just to break into the middle class. Millions of our young people have gone into tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. Just to achieve the American dream of getting a career that pays enough to live sustainably.

For the millions young people who went into debt to get a college degree, the choice was a no-brainer. Young people were told all their lives "If you go to college you will get a good job." But for millions of young people who have higher degrees, and thousands in debt, that line has turned out to be a lie. Those millions of young people with higher degrees, and thousands in debt, can not find a career path that will allow them access to the middle class.

We must guarantee to our young Americans that they can have a middle class future. We can do that by wiping out student debt, making public college free for all students, opening free public trade schools, and freeing up credit for young people to start their own businesses.

Racial Justice

Black people have been disenfranchised from our society, our economy, and our politics for far too long. Black people in America today have been killed for basically no reason at all. It happened right here on the streets of Staten Island with the murder of Eric Garner. It was a moment that sparked a movement all across this nation. Millions of Americans stood up in protest against police violence. All of them shouting Eric Garner's last words; "I Can't Breathe."

Black people are arrested twice as often as non-black people. And they are four times as likely to experience force during an encounter with police. But all major studies indicate that black, white and latino people commit crimes at similar rates. 

Black people have not only faced violence. The government has refused to provide black communities with essential services. Banks have refused to ensure homes in black communities. And corporations have denied black people employment, simply for the color of their skin.

There are many laws, programs, and initiatives that need to be passed to heal the wounds of injustice. Just a few of them are listed here. 

Every community needs a viable economy so they are not at risk of exploitation or gentrification. Government needs to encourage banks and corporations to invest in black communities. To employ black people in good paying careers, to help black people open businesses, and build wealth in their communities. 

We need to build a new nation-wide model for police training that is based on community, compassion, de-escalation, and respect for the public.

We need to make public college, trade schools, and career training free for all students. This will give people the skills they need to live out their American Dream.

The United States has only 5% of the worlds population. But we have 22% of the world's prison population. We need to get rid of harsh laws that imprison people for harmless things like smoking marijuana.

A Better Future for Staten Island

Staten Islanders

have joked for a long time about our island being the 'Forgotten Borough.' It's one of those jokes that are funny because they are true. And one of those jokes that are actually sad. Staten Island has been continuously overlooked. It's left us with one of the longest commutes in the country, some of the highest tolls in the country, and one of the highest rates of heroin deaths. As our Congressman, Paul will fight for a better future for our island. Paul is committed to:

Bringing Careers to Staten Island

There are very few jobs on Staten Island that pay enough to raise a family on Staten Island. The lack of good-paying careers on our island has led to us having one of the longest commutes in the country. This commute, and lack of a viable local economy, have caused a culture of despair among our young people, who feel that there is no available career path for them to achieve a successful life. Many young people have fled Staten Island, and thousands on Staten Island have fallen prey to heroin addiction.

We've had many missed opportunities to build careers here on Staten Island. Currently, Amazon.com is searching the country for a second Headquarters that will employ 50,000 people in careers that mostly pay good middle-class wages. But Staten Island's elected leaders haven't even put us in the running.

Paul is fighting to bring the high-paying careers to Staten Island that sustain our families and communities.

Unions, Fair Pay & Career-Training Programs

Unions allow for American workers to stand together when negotiating with their bosses. This allows employees to negotiate on an even playing field with their employers, and get a fair day's pay, for a fair day's work. Union women and men are some of America's most skilled workers. 

Staten Island has one of the highest rates of union membership in the entire country. That means Staten Islanders already have the skills to get the ball rolling on bringing the careers to the Island that sustain our families and communities. But we can't leave out the thousands of young people, non-skilled or non-union members of our community.

Paul is fighting for the right of all workers to unionize and collectively bargain without the fear of retaliation. Paul is also fighting to bring career training programs to Staten Island so that every member of our community has the ability to take part in our economic improvements.

Cutting The Commute

Staten Islanders have one of the longest commutes in the entire country. Someone living on the South Shore of Staten Island can spend 4 hours or more per day just commuting. That is an unfair inconvenience that cuts into our limited personal time that would be much better spent with friends or family. 

The only reason for Staten Island's terrible commute is that our politicians are inept at doing their jobs. Philadelphia, which is roughly 70 miles south of the city, has a comparable commute to many Staten Islanders (2 hours each way). Perth Amboy, NJ, a place just over the water from Staten Island, has a commute that is roughly half that time.

During Summer 2017, Manhattan, New Jersey, Upstate NY, and Long Island all received millions of new dollars in transit funding despite the fact that their commute not nearly as bad as ours. Staten Island didn't receive a dime.

Paul will make sure Staten Islanders get our fair share of transit funding. Paul will cut the commute by bringing the good-paying careers to Staten Island & building 4 new railways to connect the places Staten Islanders live, to the places we work and play.

Preserving & Improving the Quality of Life

Many of the things that contrast Staten Island with rest of New York City, are the things that make Staten Island such a great place to live. Our green spaces, our residential neighborhoods, our open spaces, and low population. 

As population and traffic increase on the island, we need to make improvements to accommodate. That way we can continue to have a great quality of life on Staten Island. But we can not allow the culture of irresponsible development to continue. We should highlight the things that make Staten Island great by improving on them.

Paul is fighting to preserve and improve the quality of life on Staten Island. By securing funding for waterfront access on the North Shore, building new roads, bridges & railroads to keep Staten Island connected, and building new sidewalks, parks, and protected bike lanes to enhance Staten Island's community feel.

Ending the Drug Epidemic

There are not many career paths on Staten Island that allow a young person to climb their way into a stable and successful life. The lack of good paying careers on Staten Island is creating a culture of despair among many of our young people. Many young Staten Islanders feel they have no economic future. This culture of despair is repeating itself all across America. It's no coincidence that as jobs have left the rust belt states like West Virginia, heroin addiction has skyrocketed in their communities as well.

Drug Abuse on Staten Island is worse than it has ever been before. By September of 2017, over 220 people had overdosed on Staten Island. In 2016, 116 people died from a heroin overdose on Staten Island. 

Ending the Drug Epidemic starts with making sure people never get addicted to drugs. To do that, we must make sure we have an economy that works for Staten Islanders that allows us to have a thriving working-class community.

For those who have already unfortunately fallen prey to despair and addiction, we must treat them like the human beings that they are. We must not stigmatize, criminalize, or shun them from our communities. Those who have fallen prey to addiction need family and community support to overcome their disease. 

Currently, many people afflicted with the disease of addiction are sent to jail. They come out stigmatized as addicts and criminals, and unable to get a job. Others are unable to get the treatment they desperately need because they can not afford the extreme health care costs. It is morally wrong for health care companies to make huge profits off the suffering of our community. 

Paul is fighting to make sure those who are afflicted with the disease of addiction have the tools to become functioning members of society. Securing funding for a reintegration system centered on patients and rehabilitation, not on profit or incarceration.

A Better Future For South Brooklyn

South Brooklynites

feel that our working-class communities are being left behind. We need a fighter who will solve the problems we face on a daily basis. In Congress, Paul is committed to:

Improving Our Transportation

South Brooklynites deserve the public transit that will get us where we need to go in a reasonable amount of time, for a reasonable cost.

In the city that never sleeps, having to walk a long distance, or wait over 30 minutes for the next train is unfair inconvenience that cuts into our limited personal time. 

And having to pay one of the highest tolls in the nation just to get to Staten Island, or out of NYC, is an unfair burden on our limited salaries.

Paul is fighting for trains that run frequently, a consistent public schedule for when they arrive & a Verrazano Bridge that is toll-free, like the Manhattan & Brooklyn Bridges.

Raising Our Wages

Working-class people are working longer & harder than we ever have before. But our wages are not keeping up with the most basic costs of living. Prices continue to rise, but corporations aren't paying enough to keep up. At the same time corporations keep our wages down, the executives and stock-owners are making record profits.

Paul will make sure we have a system that ensures working people have a fair share of the profits that they create.

A Thriving Small Business Community

The ability to open up your own small business is the definition of the American Dream for millions of Americans. New York has had a thriving small business community for hundreds of years. It has allowed generations of immigrants to come to this country & make a better future for themselves, their children, and future generations. We must make sure that New York's Small Business Community continues to thrive for generations to come. 

When multiple landlords hold out on renting their storefront for months or years just to get the highest bidder, it forces up the rents for the whole neighborhood. This causes the commercialization of our communities, because the only ones who can afford the big rents are the big chains. 

Paul will stop this kind of unfair speculation & commercialization by taxing landlords who hold out on renting their storefronts for over a year to get above-market rent.

Clean Communities

Everyone deserves to live in a community that is clean, safe, and pleasurable to reside in. South Brooklynites should not have garbage piling up on our sidewalks or litter clogging our streets. 

One of the most basic functions of government is keeping our public places clean. 

Paul is fighting for a government that keeps all of its promises; from the most basic, like keeping streets clean, to the most complex, like combating climate change. Paul will make sure garbage-collection and street-cleaning in our communities is frequent and timely.

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